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Devops Online Training in Bangalore | DevOps with Amazon Webservices in India, USA, UK,Chennai.

DevOps Training Online

Course : DevOps Online Training

Duration : 35 days

Faculty : Real-time experience

ActivMaxis: is an Online Course Provider for DevOps Training  in Hyderabad. We are providing Best DevOps Online Training for Linux Administrators who are looking for job change.

What is DevOps ?
->The DevOps Movement emphasizes communication,collaboration and integrates developers and operations teams in order to improve collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure,automating workflows and continuously measuring application performance.
Benefits of DevOps :-
->Faster time to market
->More focus on improving the business

Devops Training Content:-

Module 1
->Introduction to DevOps and its Necessities
Module 2
->Understand Common Infrastructure Servers
Module 3
->Implement Automated Installation and Deployments
Module 4
->Understand Performance tuning aspects and basic Security for Infrastructure
Module 5
->Basics of Bash/Python Scripting
Module 6
->Basics of Virtualization and its Concepts
Module 7
->The Useful DevOps Tools and Commands
At the end of this DevOps Training you will be able to
->Understand DevOps,its roles & necessities
->Know about DevOps Problems and Solutions
->Make a DevOps Transition
->Learn to identity cultural Impediments and overcome it
->understand about Building Accountability and Trust
->understand the Infrastructure layouts and its Challenges
->Learn about Scalability and Availability
Learn about Networking Concepts from an enterprise prospective

DevOps Training Approach:-
This Course is modular and flexible depending on specific student needs and requests.Through our DevOps Online Training,you benefit from the wide experience and architectural expertise of our team.We bring that experience to you in an highly interactive,
intensely hands on setting.

All Our DevOps Training Sessions are practical in nature.We belive that the best way to learn is by doing.So in our DevOps Online Training contains approximately 60% lab work.

DevOps Training Mode:-


2.One to One


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