San Emc Online Training

EMC SAN Training in India, USA, UK, Saudi and Singapore.

SAN EMC Online Training

Course: SAN EMC Online Training

Duration: 30 hours

Faculty: Realtime experience

ActivMaxis: is an Online Training Provider in world wide. We are providing Best SAN EMC Training in INDIA, USA, UK, SINGAPORE, and SAUDI.

Highlights in our Emc San Training Online:-

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  • Excellent San Emc Material with real time scenarios given by our experienced Trainer.
    We are providing SAN EMC classes by highly qualified trainer.
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EMC SAN Online Training Course Content:-

VMware VSphere VCenter:

  • Install and configure VMware ESX™/ESXi, vCenter™ Server, vCenter Converter, vCenter Server Heartbeat, Data Recovery, and vCenter Update Manager
  • Configure and manage vSphere networking and storage from both graphical and command-line interfaces
  • Create, configure, migrate, convert, monitor, patch, and back up virtual machines and virtual appliances
  • Use VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) to automate resource management
  • Implement high availability and fault-tolerance solutions

Storage Basic & Advanced Concepts:

  • Explain Storage Fundamentals
  • Describe Network Attach Storage (NAS)
  • Describe Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Compare Direct Attach Storage (DAS) to Network Attach Storage (NAS)
  • Identify the components and uses of a Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  • HBA vs NIC.
  • Hub/Loop Switches, Fabric Switches, Directors.
  • JBOD, Tape Libraries, Storage Drives, Storage Arrays.
  • Classify SAN Applications
  • Explanation & Implementation of Fibre Channel (FC) Protocol?
  • Explanation & Implementation of iSCSI protocol.
  • FCoE vs FCIP.
  • Categorize Storage Networking Issues


  • CLARiiON 200/300/400/500/600/700
  • EMC CLARiiON Management
  • CLARiiON internals and architecture
  • CLARiiON Host Integration & Management
  • CLARiiON Management Utilities
  • OS Integration
  • LUN Management
  • Access Logix
  • SAN Copy
  • Mirrow View
  • Snap View
  • Navisphere/Unisphere
  • EMC PowerPath
  • General administration concepts
  • Day to day Troubleshooting Techniques.

EMC Unified VNX (EMC’s SAN+NAS Storage Array):

  • Provision storage to VNX Data Movers
  • Implement advanced storage features
  • Navigate the Unisphere interface
  • Implement Data Mover failover
  • Setup basic IP network functionality
  • Create and Manage VNX file systems
  • Provide file system access to NFS users and applications
  • Provide file system access to CIFS users and applications
  • Manage permissions for CIFS
  • Set up and manage file system quotas
  • Implement CIFS features
  • Describe Usermapper operations
  • VNX hardware and software architecture
  • Configuring Pools, Thin and Thick LUNs
  • Cisco MDS & Brocade DCX Switches.

EMC Enterprise Symmetrix VMAX:

  • EMC Symmtrix internals and architecture
  • Symmetrix configuration using Solutions Enabler and ECC
  • Meta creation, mapping and masking
  • Allocation, deallocation of LUNs through SYMCLI.
  • Thick & Thin Provisioning.
  • FAST, FAST VP, FAST Cache & Flash Cache.
  • Capacity/Performance/Monitoring Management
  • Enginuity/Microcode
  • Cache utilization
  • TimeFinder (Snap/Clone/Mirror), SRDF (Sync/Async) Concepts & Practical Demonstration.
  • General administration concepts
  • Known problems and resolutions
  • DMX & VMAX internals and architecture
  • PowerPath
  • Day to day troubleshooting technique.

EMC Isilon (Scaleout NAS Product):

  • Isilon cluster Architecture & other features.
  • Cluster layout and access & other features.
  • File access, permission & Identity management.
  • Storage management

Cluster arrangement:

  • File pools
  • SmartQuotas
  • SnapShotIQ
  • SyncIQ
  • NDMP
  • SmartLock

Application integration:

  • Isilon VMware support
  • VAAI and VASA
  • Database and anti-virus
  • Monitoring (InsightIQ & SupportIQ)

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