SAS BI Online Training

SAS BI Training in India, USA, UK, Saudi,and Singapore.

sas bi online training

Course: SAS BI Online Training

Duration: 35 working days

Faculty: Realtime experience

ActivMaxis: is a SAS BI Online Training  Provider in world wide. We are providing Best SAS BI Training in INDIA, USA, UK, SINGAPORE, and SAUDI.Will provide SAS installation with our SAS BI Training Online.

SAS BI Online Training course curriculum is designed to do Admin, Data Extraction, Transformation, Loading, and Report Generation for the Candidate who wants to set their career into Corporate as SAS BI Developer and further.

Highlights in our SAS BI Training :

  • Technical Support
    Interview Questions
    Sample Resumes
  • Excellent SAS BI Material with real time scenarios given by our experienced Trainer.
    We are providing SAS BI classes by highly qualified trainer.
    We will provide Regular session’s at student flexible timings.
    We will cover each topic with real time solutions.
    We are providing regular sessions and weekend sessions.

SAS BI Online Training Content:-

SAS Management Console

  • Navigation in SAS Management Console
  • SAS Open Metadata Architecture.
  • Establish Connection between SAS and ODBC.
  • Introduction to Metadata * Centralized Metadata Management
  • SAS Metadata Server
  • Connecting to the Metadata Server
  • Introduction and Working With Metadata Repositories
  • Client / Server Interaction
  • Create a Custom and Project Repository
  • Setting up Change Management
  • User Creation and Permissions
  • Creating connections with Data Bases and SAS Applications
  • Creating Flows for Scheduling, Creating Jobs with dependencies and without dependencies.
  • Brief Explanation about LSF and Process Managers

SASDI Studio / ETL Studio

  • Creating Connection Profile.
  • Data ware housing Concept.
  • Exploring SAS Data Integration Studio
  • Working on Change Management
  • Explaining how to define source, target data structures and designing jobs.
  • Introduction to jobs and the job editor
  • Working with propagation, mappings and chaining jobs.
  • Working with intermediate files
  • Data Transformations
  1. SQL Join
  2. Append
  3. Extract
  4. Validate
  5. Return Code Check
  6. Data Transfer
  7. SCD Type2
  8. Sort
  9. Rank
  10. Splitter
  11. Loop
  12. User Written Code
  13. Transpose
  14. Data Access Transformations
  15. File Reader
  16. Table Loader
  17. Frequency Report
  18. One-Way Frequency Report
  19. Summary Report
  20. Surrogate Key Generator
  21. Standardize
  22. List data
  • Deploying jobs for scheduling

SAS Enterprise Guide

  • Introduction on SAS EG Application
  • Customizing SAS Enterprise Guide options
  • Setting up and managing profiles
  • Importing files from sources other than SAS
  • Accessing data via SAS libraries
  • Grouping and summarizing data
  • Introduction to querying data
  • Filtering and sorting data
  • Creating new columns with an expression
  • Joining tables
  • Creating a frequency report
  • Generating HTML, PDF, and RTF output
  • Creating a listing report
  • Creating a graph
  • Creating Stored Process from SAS EG.
  • Working on different STATASTICAL Procedures.

SAS OLAP Cube Studio

  • OLAP Introduction
  • Discuss Dimensions / Facts / Hierarchies / Levels / Measures / Aggregation
  • Create an OLAP Cube from Detail Table
  • Create an OLAP Cube from Star Schema
  • Create an OLAP Cube from Summarized Table
  • Create an OLAP Cube with Dimensions, Levels, Hierarchies, Measures& Aggregates
  • Review the Cube design and structure.
  • Edit structure and refresh.

SAS Information Map Studio

  • Introduction to SAS information Map Studio.
  • Updating an information map with filters, folders, and data items
  • Adding additional data sources to an information map
  • Overview of information map pre-filters
  • Building a general pre-filter
  • Building an authorization-based pre-filter
  • Information Maps and Stored Process.
  • Overview of stored processes
  • Associating stored processes with an information map
  • Using information maps in SAS Web Report Studio
  • Overview of surfacing data with information maps
  • Using information maps in the SAS Information Delivery Portal
  • Using information maps in SAS Enterprise Guide
  • Overview of OLAP cubes
  • Building an information map for an OLAP cube

SAS Web Report Studio

  • Introduction on SAS Web Report Studio
  • Calling Information Maps into WRS.
  • Creating filters at WRS
  • Creating Layouts for Reports.
  • Creating Prompts.
  • Customizable roles to authorize capabilities(From SMC)
  • Working on Report Creation and Templates.

SAS Information Delivery Portal

  • Introduction to SAS IDP
  • Adding a Portal page
  • Adding Contents to Port let.
  • Adding port lets to page
  • Utilize SAS EG to create content and publish packages to the framework
  • Viewing and managing portal content.
  • Portal Customization
  • Call Reports from WRS to IDP.
  • User level Authentication.
  • Designing Portal
  • Calling STP into IDP
  • Cubes in PORTAL
  • Sharing portal content.


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